Image of research assistnat Kelsey Bruce teaching students how to use research tools in the Public Opinion Lab.

The Public Opinion Lab is capable of the collection and analysis of vast amounts of social media data (over one trillion posts) from social networking sites, blogs, discussion forums, product review websites, and news websites. The POL also owns software capabilities enabling analyses of the social network structures and information flow as well as the content of the social media conversations.

The Mission

  • Become a hub for social media analytics and research for industry and academia

  • Serve as incubator for the development of novel analytical and theoretical approaches to “big data” research

  • Train communication data scientists equipped with high demand social data analytical skills and an understanding of communication processes

  • Provide professional clients top-notch monitoring and advanced analysis services


The Public Opinion Lab offers a variety of basic and advanced social media monitoring and analysis capabilities to benefit our private and public sector partners.

Basic Data Collection

Collection of data from a variety of sources including social medias, forums, news sites, and many more. Our team collects necessary data to answer your questions.

Audience Monitoring & Analysis

Identification of your audience’s key topics, influencers, and the most engaging content to develop actionable insights.

Competitive Brand Evaluation

A cross-platform examination of how your brand perception, audience, and activities stack up with competitors.

Market Trend Analysis

A broader analysis of particular markets to uncover consumer trends and understand evolving industry landscapes.

Custom Data Collection & Analysis Solutions

Custom approaches to data collection and analysis including API scraping, social network analysis, and more.