Basic Data Collection

The Public Opinion Lab has access to current and historical social media and comment posts from a variety of sources including Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, discussion forums, news sites, QQ, and various other crawled data.  Our team will work with you to identify and collect data necessary to answer your industry and academic research questions.

Audience Monitoring & Analysis

Our team will examine both direct engagement with your brand or organization and indirect conversations about your brand or organization. We will analyze the conversations to understand what key topics matter to your audience, who drives those conversations, and what content characteristics lead to active engagement.

Our Audience Monitoring & Analysis report provides clients actionable insights based on a variety of analyses including:

  • Volume of posts

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Emotion

  • Topics of brand conversations

  • Audience affinities

  • Geographic analysis

  • …and more

Market Trend Analysis

The Market Trend Analysis takes a broader view of clients’ market sectors across social media platforms to understand:

  • Emerging consumer attitudes and concerns

  • Social media strategies and tactics that work and do not work in particular markets

  • Communication patterns across different platforms

  • Opportunities and threats for brands moving forward

Aggregating information across these analyses, our team will provide clients with a social media SWOT analysis and strategic recommendations for future social media strategies.

Competitive Brand Evaluation

We will conduct a cross-platform examination of how your brand’s perception, audience, and activities stack up against up to three competitors.

Aggregating data from multiple platforms of interest, we will go beyond the basic audience monitoring and analysis to examine the category trends, share-of-voice, volume trends, net sentiment, audience affinities, and geographic coverage against the competition.

Custom Data Collection & Analysis

Customized approaches to data collection and analysis can be design for specific client and partner needs including specialized data scraping, social network analysis, data mining, machine learning and more. We work with the client to understand the questions they want answered and devise custom data solutions to fit the project’s needs.